Retention/ Expansion

Business Retention and Expansion

Fulton County aims to foster collaborative relationships with local businesses to ensure that Fulton County’s economic vitality continues to improve, and that local businesses remain competitive.  Workforce training, site selection, and ongoing research on current and emerging economic factors are all part of Fulton County’s commitment business retention and expansion efforts

Workforce Development & Training

Fulton County’s Office of Workforce Development is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their hiring goals, while assisting our residents with finding a meaningful and long-lasting career and the services this office provides are free of charge for both residents and businesses.  A well-trained workforce ensures that any new or existing business has a skilled talent pool to draw from, which provides Fulton County with a tangible, competitive advantage.  For additional information on the services that the Office of Workforce Development provides, please visit their website.

In addition to the Office of Workforce Development, the Georgia Quickstart Program is another resource at your disposal. Quick Start helps with business start-up and expansion by developing and implementing high quality, customized training programs and providing companies with a trained workforce in the shortest time possible.  Creating collaborative partnerships between businesses and the states technical school programs enables businesses to identify specific industry needs and link them with a skilled and motivated workforce.  The program provides targeted industry training for the identified job classification free of charge.  Target industry sectors such as biotech/healthcare, food/agribusiness, manufacturing, automotive services, and warehousing/distribution have been identified by the Quickstart program and they have extensive experience delivering quality workforce training in these sectors.  For more information regarding the specific programs and services that Georgia Quickstart offers, please visit their website or contact Select Fulton.

Ongoing Research & Analysis

Fulton County is committed to the success of every new and existing business that is located within our borders.  In order to ensure that Fulton County’s business climate remains competitive and continues to grow, Select Fulton conducts ongoing research into current and emerging trends to support the economic vitality of the county.  The collaborative relationship between private business interests and county government provides a unique advantage for the interchange of vital information between key stakeholders.

If you are in need of information to support the growth and/or expansion of your business, please feel free to contact our office for assistance.

Business Services

Select Fulton strives to provide continued to support for new and existing businesses that choose to call Fulton County home.  We can assist your business in identification of suitable property locations, supply chain and ecosystem resources, identifying funding sources, and expedited licensing & permitting, just to name a few.  Expanding, creating, or relocating business should be hassle free, and it is the goal of Fulton County to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Business Retention and Expansion - Fulton County, GA