Local Incentives

Tax credits, tax exemptions, worforce programs, and financing options are the main incentives offered by Fulton County and the State of Georgia.  Our goal is to provide attractive resources to lower your cost of doing business while generating the job opportunities needed for our citizens.   We work with the State of Georgia Economic Development Division, local utilities, and the Fulton County Office of Workforce Development to develop competitive proposals.

In addition to incentives, Fulton County offers a full suite of services to assist you in creating, operating, and growing your business.

  • Current information on local conditions, including labor, taxes, utilities, transportation and the economy
  • Taxable and tax-exempt bonds for qualified economic development projects
  • Help identifying suitable commercial, industrial and retail sites
  • Help solving zoning, permitting and licensing concerns
  • Project coordination assistance to arrange or expedite the delivery of services, i.e., traffic engineering, water and sewer services, street and curb maintenance
  • Work in partnership with municipalities within the County
  • Facilitate financing for qualified companies through various business loan program

Additionally, the State of Georgia is consistently ranked as the #1 place to do business.

  1. Georgia’s Quick Start Workforce Program is one of the best in the country and top-rated by employers
  2. The state has a strong pro-business climate with  in-state sales being the only relevant factor in determining the portion of taxable income to which the 6 percent corporate tax rate is applied.
  3. Georgia’s Centers for Innovation provide businesses with technical industry expertise and resources.

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Local Incentives - Fulton County, GA