About Select Fulton

Select Fulton

Select Fulton is the econonomic development organization for Fulton County and was formed in 2016 by combining the Development Authority of Fulton County with the Fulton County Economic Development Division.  With the merger of the two organizations, Select Fulton offers a comprehensive suite of services and improved customer service.

Select Fulton’s activities are guided by the Fulton County Strategic Plan area, All People Have Economic Opportunities. Select Fulton/Fulton County plays an important role in creating the right environment to stimulate economic growth and develop an able workforce.

Our Goals

  • The number and size of businesses in the county is growing
  • The perception of the business climate is improving
  • More people are working, and they are earning more
  • The workforce skills of residents are increasing

We work with local municipalities, chambers of commerce, utilities, community organizations, and other partners to accomplish these goals.


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About Select Fulton - Fulton County, GA