What We Do

Our Mission

To enhance the economic viability and quality of life within Fulton County through the creation and preservation of businesses and the promotion of jobs and economic opportunities within its communities.


  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Business Recruitment and Attraction
  • Business Creation and Development
  • Financial Resources and Development Incentives
  • Financial Tools, Techniques and Strategies
  • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development


We provide a full suite of services to facilitate doing business in Fulton County.

  • Provide current information on local conditions, including labor, taxes, utilities, transportation and the economy
  • Provide taxable and tax-exempt bonds for qualified economic development projects
  • Provide access to state incentive offerings
  • Help identify suitable commercial, industrial and retail sites
  • Help solve zoning, permitting and licensing concerns
  • Assist project coordination to arrange or expedite the delivery of services, i.e., traffic engineering, water and sewer services, street and curb maintenance
  • Work in partnership with municipalities within the County
  • Provide information about business investment opportunities in Fulton County
  • Facilitate financing for qualified companies through various business loan program

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What we do - Fulton County, GA