Throughout Fulton County, you’ll find a thriving startup and small business community that is capitalizing on the buying power of residents, unmet needs of residential and business communities, and the low cost of doing business.

We know this is an exciting time for you and there are numerous questions and tasks that must be completed. We are here to help your small business navigate the complexities of the various programs and incentives available to you as a business owner, and we are committed to providing the tools necessary for businesses to grow and prosper.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses assistance in site selection, identification of funding sources, trend analysis and forecasting, and on-going support.  Fulton County’s alliances with partnering organizations can be leveraged to achieve business success.

Select Fulton can offer your small business:

  • Site selection and property search
  • Identification of funding sources, such as local, state, & federal grants
  • Tax exemption and incentive identification
  • Business counsel
  • Comprehensive economic trend analysis and forecasting

Additionally, there are several steps to launch a successful company.  Below are a few tips to increase the likelihood of creating and maintaining a thriving business.

Success Drivers:

  • Identify, research, and know your customers
  • Develop a product or service that addresses an unmet need or desires
  • Understand your local market – who are your competitors, is the market saturated, what are the trends
  • Determine your capital needs and identify potential funding sources
  • Develop your team
  • Network and make connections – Prospective customers, future team members, partners, and mentors

Technical Assistance

Workshops, Coaching, and Mentoring Programs

Becoming a Fulton County business may seem overwhelming.  We recommend that you connect with local organizations providing technical assistance to entrepreneurs.  There are numerous organizations providing workshops to increase your business acumen along with incubators and accelerators providing shared working spaces, mentoring programs, and a host of other resources.

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