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Why Fulton County?

Select Fulton was created to enhance economic viability and quality of life within Fulton County through the creation and preservation of businesses and the promotion of jobs and economic opportunities within its communities.

Our efforts are a demonstration of the Board of Commissioners’ commitment to economic vitality and the importance of businesses, of all sizes, in our community. We have the pleasure of serving our residents by ensuring that the County is growing and sustainable.
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Our Operating Approach: Engage, Collaborate, Partner, and Inspire


We established advisory committees to connect with local business and academic communities.


We join forces with a variety of organizations to offer special programming and develop incentive packages


We establish formal and informal partnerships for project development, service delivery, and to assist our clients.


We seek to inspire entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality, existing businesses to grow and expand, investors to choose Fulton County, and residents to continue to live in our great community.